27 June 2019,   17:23
On December 16, the United Opposition will hold a large -scale rally in Telavi

On December 16, the United Opposition will hold a peaceful demonstration in Telavi - Grigol Vashadze said at the special briefing. According to him, it will be a peaceful demonstration in which all parties of the United Opposition will take part.
According to Vashadze, the rally will be held in the capital and in other towns, but the largest one will be in Telavi. Grigol Vashadze also confirmed that the United Opposition will publish videos about the falsification of elections in two days.
"The United Opposition has already stated several times that there no presidential elections were held in Georgia. It was a special operation carried out by criminal groups and corrupt officials. We offered to start political process in order to hear the opinion of voters, but they ignored it. Since the authorities have not paid attention to our proposal or the international observers’ opinion, we will hold a peaceful demonstration on December 16," Vashadze said.