27 June 2019,   17:24
"I see several criminals in this hall - Irakli Kobakhidze one and another Enzel Mkoyan" - Nika Melia addresses the majority members

Not to say anything about the crime which is in the country, there are at least two criminal MPs in this hall- said Nika Melia in his speech at the legislative body.
According to him, there is a real criminal in the Parliament`s Hal, Enzel Mkoyan, who attacked the members of the United Opposition.
"You are criminals ... In this hall I see several criminals - Irakli Kobakhidze and Enzel Mkoyan . You have murdered at least one person and this is the principal of Zugdidi school, "- Nika Melia told lawmakers.
Melia says that soon the United Opposition will publish a video showing how fraudulent elections are.