27 June 2019,   17:25
"If you loose then you should be beaten? Or you won`t be beaten because you"re strong ?Or you are armed ?" - Confrontation in Parliament continues with "European Georgia"

After the confrontation in the Parliament Sitting Hall, the members of the UNM did not return to the plenary session. However, "European Georgia" continued the debates with the ruling team .
One of the leaders of the party, Giga Bokeria, imposed responsibility on the incident on the ruling team and said that the "Dream" encouraged violence.
According to him, while the elections were conducted with violations, the ruling team should not be surprised that the opposition would be critical in the assessments and ask questions.
" Do you want to return to the 90s? Are you sure that you are on the winning side? You are mistaken, "Giga Bokeria said.
The ruling team accused European Georgia of supporting the "National Movement"