27 June 2019,   17:24
"I told the Minister that I"m leaving Georgia fully satisfied " - James Appathurai met with Levan Izoria

NATO Secretary General"s Special Envoy was in Defense Ministry today.At the meeting with Levan Izoria, the sides discussed implementation of the initiatives undertaken under the NATO-Georgia essential package and proposed practical mechanisms for future cooperation, including in the context of strengthening of the Black Sea Security.James Appathurai evaluated the reforms carried out in defense sphere and on behalf of the Alliance thanked Georgia for its contribution to the world security.
"We discussed defense spending, planning, basic procurement, reorganization of the armed forces, defense new policy and national security structure. I told the Minister that I am happy with Georgia. There are very good plans to be implemented on the ground and the appropriate expenses are already mentioned. We have new ideas in terms of cooperation, including the Black Sea security and the development of the country"s defense, "Appathurai said.