27 June 2019,   17:23
Religious organizations and the Public Defender demand changes in the law

Religious organizations and the Public Defender demand from the legislative body to discuss changes in the law and to make amendments to the law that the Constitutional Court has recognized as unconstitutional.
Fve months ago, the court found unconstitutional the norm of the tax code that favored the Orthodox Church compared to other confessions.The Parliament has a deadline till the end of the year for the amendment to the law.
"Because we agree that we live in a democratic country and human rights and equality are valuable to us, the equality should be in all spheres and in every dimension. It should be important not only for religious associations, but in general as a concept, should be acceptable for any citizen of Georgia regardless of religious affiliation "- said Rusudan Gotsiridze, the bishop of Evangelical-Baptist Church of Georgia.
According to Nino Lomjaria, the Public Defender of Georgia, religious organizations were having problems in a variety of issues where there was a clear and discriminate approach.