19 June 2019,   23:59
Nobody was satisfied in the government, in the opposition and he left no great trace of the country - Davit Zurabishvili about Margvelashvili

"Margvelashvili has not created any problems for the government at all," -said Davit Zurabishvili, a member of the National Committee of the Republic Party of Georgia.
Davit Zurabishvili made comments about the statement of Margvelashvili at the meeting with students at Caucasus University, when Margvelashvili said that he would be a non-partisan president.
According to Zurabishvili, Margvelashvili had the opportunity to become a visible figure, though he did not choose to get involved in the politics.
"He had a lot of chances to become a prominent figure but he preferred to say that he was not political. His attempt to be a classical parliamentary republic President"s type, was doomed from the start ", - said David Zurabishvili.