19 June 2019,   23:57
"Tomorrow will be a protest day" - A Protest Rally to be held in Parallel to Inauguration

"Tomorrow will be a protest day. Protest rallies will be held simultaneously in different cities of Georgia, "said Zaliko Udumashvili, head of the Tbilisi organization of the UNM.
Despite the refusal of Telavi City Hall, the United Opposition will not change the plan and is going to hold a massive protest rally in Telavi center in parallel with the inauguration.
The opposition, along with supporters, protests against violence, fraud and bribery.
"The main rally will be held in Telavi. There will be a massive march towards Telavi. The main goal of this demonstration will be to remind the government that the Georgian population has been deprived of the right to choose and their legitimate and constitutional right to elect the President of Georgia itself. The Georgian Dream appointed the President and did not give the population the right to choose the President of Georgia. So our very loud protest will be heard in Telavi tomorrow, "- said Zaliko Udumashvili.