20 June 2019,   00:02
IRI will cooperate with Aleko Elisashvili"s civil movement

International Republican Institute (IRI) will cooperate with the Georgian Civil Movement.
Aleko Elisashvili, along with his teammates, met with the new head of IRI John DiPiro.
John DiPiro expressed readiness to train members of the new movement in relations with media and public relations issues.
"We are directly engaged in the openness and transparency of the political elections in Georgia, and we have an opportunity to see what plans the newly created civilian movement have, "John Dippiro said.
It is planned to invite experts from the United States to engage in the development of the action plan and popularization of democratic values.
Levan Ioseliani, founder of the Georgian Civil Movement, said that the invited experts will assist the new movement in setting up an action plan.