05 July 2020,   20:58
Split in "Dream" - Opposing parties to discuss suspension of judge "s lifetime appointment at majority sitting

The confrontation in the "Georgian Dream" is getting worse. Another culmination will be the sitting of the parliamentary majority, which has been scheduled for several days.
At the party"s central office, the opposed MPs in the presence of Bidzina Ivanishvili will gather once again and introduce their own arguments to the chairman of the party. Presumably, this meeting will decide whether the parliamentary majority will support Eka Beselia"s initiative, suspension of the appointment of judges.
The legislative package is already in the parliament. So called rebel MPs say they will prove their truth. They are answered by their teammates who say that everyone who wants to be in the team will have to maintain team rules.
"The team is very important for us, we are committed to the society for the better future of our country. Those who recognize this commitment should remain in the team and work, otherwise they have their own choices, "says Anri Okhanashvili.