19 May 2019,   21:35
Personnel cleansing in the President"s Avlabari Palace - 61 employees were informed about mobility program at the meeting held in the residence

The President started cleansing the Avlabari residence. The staff who had worked for years in the presidential administration were summoned in the residence. The meeting with the administration staff was recently completed in Avlabari residence.
61 employees were told that they were included in the so-called " Mobility program. The so called Mobility means that these people should be employed in any public service within a month if any vacancies are announced.
Employees of the President"s Administration will not continue to work after a month.Most of the staff members avoided talking to the cameras today and only noted that they are not informed about the issue.Though a part of them spoke openly and said that they did not have a hope to start working in a civil service a month later.