19 May 2019,   21:32
Conducting Parliamentary Elections with Proportional System - Opposition Requests to be Discussed at the Sitting of the Procedural Committee today

Conducting parliamentary elections with proportional system - Opposition will begin collecting signatures in the coming days.
21 parties must collect a million signatures. Special forms will be handed over to the members of the opposition after the topic is discussed at the sitting of the Procedural Committee today.
"In such cases the Committee will study the submitted documentation and if it is in compliance with the requirements set out in the Rules of Procedure it is obvious that the Committee will register an initiative group and they will be given 4 months to submit their signatures," said Giorgi Kakhiani, the Chairman of the Procedural Committee. Representatives of opposition parties call the existing electoral system unfair. One of the leaders of the National Movement Roman Gotsiridze says that the Georgian Dream needs a majoritarian system to maintain power. The opposition are convinced that they will be able to collect the necessary signatures.
At today"s sitting of the Committee on Procedural Issues, the MPs working on the Code of Ethics will be identified.