19 May 2019,   21:33
Private life depicting video -court leaves former Special Forces employee Zaal Lataria in custody

Tbilisi City Court left Zaal Lataria, former Special Forces employee in custody. The investigation charges him with keeping and spreading video recordings of Eka Beselia"s private life.
The prosecution requested to sentence Zaal Lotaria to imprisonment. The prosecutor says that Lataria has spread the recording of personal life in the Internet space and sent it to other people. The lawyer and family of the detainee speak about political motives.
"In fact there is no evidence that any illegal action was taken by him , the person who has sent it to him is not established," said Zaal Lataria"s lawyer.According to him, Lotaria does not agree with the accusation and does not feel guilty.
According to the prosecutor"s statement, Zaal Lataria kept the footage showing personal life and spread it.
When asked how the investigation traced Zaal Lataria, the Prosecutor said he was named by witnesses.The next hearing will be held on March 27.