14 October 2019,   11:03
There is no meat in the food ration of the military - the tender has failed

For two weeks there is no meat in the diet of the military, the tender has failed. The reason is not mentioned in the tender documentation. The media is aware that after 31 January sausages and meat products are not supplied to the servicemen, including the soldiers.
According to the letter sent by the United Nutrition Company, it is clear that in case of of absence of direct procurement agreement, the supply of soldiers may be under a threat.
In January, a million and a half tender failed, and now a new tender is announced, where only one company - "German Butcher" participates which had supplied the army with meat before.Representatives of NGOs talk about possible corruption risks.
"The possibility of corruption and unplanned procurement increases. These practices have been set up, the Ministries announce the tender, in this case the Ministry of Defense, which will fail and will not be implemented in the right way, it is already an argument not to announce another tender. Then the agency signs the agreement with whom it wants, there is a high probability that personal interests of the individual are taken into consideration, "said Nodar Kharshiladze, the founder of the Georgian Strategic Analysis Center (GSAC).
The specialists ask the relevant agencies to inquire why they often announce tenders and then purchase the products via direct procurement. In this case, the state pays more and the signs of corruption also appear.
Defense specialists are demanding from the Ministry of Defense to study tenders.
"Based on the information disseminated recently in the Ministry of Defense, we can conclude that corruption is deeply rooted, "Batu Kutelia, Vice-President of the Atlantic Council of Georgia stated.