19 May 2019,   21:33
TBC shares depreciate due to the attack on the bank- third sector and business associations point to Ivanishvili

TBC Bank"s losses have already reached 52 million pounds in a day. In the last 24 hours, the bank"s shares have been reduced by almost seven percent. The largest shareholders of Georgia lost 176 million lari because of the attack on the "TBC". At the London Stock Exchange today, TBC share price was 13.34 pounds sterling, which is the lowest price since December 2, 2016.
President of the International Chamber of Commerce is convinced that Bidzina Ivanishvili has a personal fight against the biggest bank of Georgia, which is due to personal revenge or financial motivation.
Fady Asli says that Ivanishvili is ruling the government as a small child. Fadi Asli blames the head of the party "Georgian Dream" in the Soviet mafia style management. The International Chamber of Commerce will study TBC Bank"s case independently.
Attack on the biggest bank of Georgia has damaged not only "TBC". The civil sector believes that it is a verdict for the National Bank.At the end of the day, "Transparency International Georgia" has released a special statement on the case of "TBC Bank". The influential NGO has many questions about the investigation launched against TBC Bank founders. "Transparency-Georgia" emphasizes Bidzina Ivanishvili"s statements which former Prime Minister made on his return to politics about TBC Bank and Mamuka Khazaradze.
They made a special announcement at the International Monetary Fund of Georgia. The head of the office was cautious and did not respond to the questions of journalists. He only said that the National Bank has a supervisor"s role and is now functioning within its competence.
The President of the Bank Association also made a general statement and expressed the wish to have a transparent process.