19 May 2019,   21:33
Last night Iliauni students started hunger strike

Last night at 22:00, Iliauni students started a hunger strike after the ultimatum term had expired.
They demand the resignation of the Rector and the deadline given to Giga Zedania expired at ten in the evening yesterday. However, Zedania did not satisfy their demands.At this time 15 students of Iliaun are starving in front of the Rector"s Cabinet.
They say that the number of people will increase.The students oppose the reform initiated by the university and ask to preserve the business school .
The students call upon the Ministry of Education and the Parliamentary Committee of Education to be involved in the ongoing processes in the university.
The situation was strained after the business school"s dean, Giorgi Kadagidze was dismissed from Iliauni.
Some more lecturers left Iliauni in protest in the last two weeks .