21 May 2019,   17:50
Defense Minister held bilateral meetings in Munich

The Minister of Defense has held bilateral meetings in Munich, where the main issues discussed were ways of enhancing bilateral cooperation in defense sphere and reforms implemented in order to strengthen the country"s defense capabilities.
At the meeting with the Secretary of Defense of the United Kingdom, Gevin Williams, the Defense Secretary focused on the issue of strengthening cyber security.
According to Levan Izoria, the Defense Ministry has announced the 2019 Year of Cyber Security and is planning to develop a new strategy with the help of British experts and involvement of various agencies.
Latvia"s defense minister, Artis Pabriks, spoke about the progress achieved in the implementation of NATO-Georgia substantial package during the meeting. Especially he noted successful dynamics of implementation of one of the key-procurement initiatives of the NATO-Georgia essential package and the active support of the Latvian side.
The further development of the Combat Training Center was the main topic of the meeting with General Christopher Cavalli, commander of the US Army in Europe.