20 October 2019,   06:08
Silence of Businessmen - Only a few businessmen dared to protest against attack on TBC Bank founders

The Head of the International Chamber of Commerce criticizes Georgian businessmen for silence. Fady Asly asks them to announce solidarity for TBC bank founders.The Head of the International Chamber of Commerce says that he sees Bidzina Ivanishvili behind the attack on business, which he says is a mafia and gangster style ruling of Georgia.
"Business in the country only confronts the government when it becomes a victim of the attack itself" - besides Fady Asly, the leader of the "Girchy" criticized all businessmen who met the racket silently.
".One of the most influential businessmen, Temur Chkonia responded to the call of the "Girchy" leader. According to Chkonia, Mamuka Khazaradze is his long time friend and damaging his reputation is categorically unacceptable. Mamuka Khazaradze has been supported by only several businessmen. The heads of big companies are afraid of confrontation with the government and keep silence on the TBC scandal.
One of those who saw dangerous trends in business today is Iva Chkonia, President of the Association of Importers.
Gogi Chirakadze, the head of the business federation, shun away from the cameras. While the heads of the largest financial institution in the country are attacked, the Association, which, in the first place, should be defending interests of businesses is silent.