20 February 2020,   14:14
"TBC Bank is not obliged to justify itself" - Roman Kakulia

TBC Bank is not obliged to justify itself - the Chairman of the Committee on Economics and Economic Policy made this statement. Roman Kakulia does not exclude that the parliamentary majority will have to face the necessity of creating an investigative commission on this case. According to him, it will be necessary if the legislators do not get answers to the questions from the investigative agency within a reasonable time.
"TBC Bank is not obliged to justify itself. It was our main achievement. We have been saying that we have changed the system when people were obliged to justify themselves the system and create the system, at least in this case, when we clearly express our charges, "Roman Kakulia said.
As for the information spread by "Saturday Courier", the mediator who brought the letter the Interior Minister to Mamuka Khazaradze, Kakulia says that the information needs confirmation.
" It"s a version of the "Courier" , the version in itself is interesting and needs to be considered and we sooner or later will have to answer all the questions, "- said Roman Kakulia.