27 February 2020,   08:48
A target of attack could be accessed on financial information of specific clients" - Abesadze on TBC

The opposition demands a timely investigation of the cyber attack on "TBC Bank". Representatives of the opposition parties suspect that the cyber attack was part of the orchestrated assault on TBC Group.

Irakli Abesadze, the member of the parliamentary minority faction, member of the Faction "European Georgia - Movement for Freedom", says that Ivanishvili heads an orchestrated attack on the bank.

Abesadze does not rule out that the purpose of cyberattack was to gain access to the financial information of the bank"s specific clients".

"TBC Bank" has found an address from where the cyber attacks were carried out, identified names and surnames of people, who work there, to determined, who heads of the group - Mr. Koka Kandiashvili, who is in direct contact with "Georgian Dream" and this " insignificant" details show us how this orchestra, which works against TBC Bank is arranged by Ivanishvili,"- said Irakli Abesade.