27 February 2020,   08:19
Minority is no longer in Parliament today - Giorgi Kakhiani

The parliamentary minority is dissolved due to lack of 1 member. According to the chairperson of the Committee on Procedural Issues and Rules, this time there are 108 members in the parliamentary majority. In this proportion, the opposition should have 21 members to create a parliamentary minority. After Koba Narchemashvili, Mirian Tsiklauri and Gia Zhorzholiani left the ruling team and the parliamentary majority reduced to 108 members, the parliamentary minority automatically lost the status.
"In the majority, there are 108 members, in order to create a minority, there should be at least 21 members joining one team. In a minority group there are only 20 members, that means they have automatically lost their status. That is, the minority is no longer in the Parliament today. But you know that some changes have occurred in other factions too. One faction of the majority has been dissolved. This is a "Social-Democrats" faction, but they are united with the Alliance of the Patriots, because of that the Patriots Alliance faction has been renamed and now it is called the"Alliance of the Patriots -Social Democrats Faction," said Giorgi Kakhiani.