16 September 2019,   19:20
Situation is extremely tense, Russians entered the gardens, in territory controlled by us - Davit Katsarava on the situation in Khurvaleti

Representatives of the anti-occupation movement "Force is in Unity" are present at the police checkpoint near the village of Khurvaleti. They confirm the entry of Russian occupants in Khurvaleti. Davit Katsarava informs that Russian soldiers occupied the garden of one of the locals.

Katsarava calls on the government members to arrive at the place.

"We conclude that the situation is extremely tense, extremely difficult. Therefore, we demand the arrival of the whole government, the whole civil sector because the Russians continue to occupy our lands, "said Katsarava.

Representatives of various non-governmental organizations are also present at the checkpoint." They do not let us go there because something is going on. Russians are there. I and My friends have arrived to protect our land with our hands. We don"t have arms,"- Ana Charkhalashvili said.