27 January 2020,   17:16
Selection of judges -Nazi Janezashvili will submit her proposal to the Legal Committee

At the session of the Committee on Juridical Issues, judges are reviewing the criteria for lifetime appointment of judges. Non-judge member of the High Council of Justice Nazi Janezashvili has arrived at the session. She will submit a proposal on the criteria for selection of judges to the Supreme Court.The initiative is prepared by Nazi Janezashvili and another non-judge member of the Council of Justice, Anna Dolidze.
According to Janezashvili, the main aim of the proposal is to remove the judicial system from clan rule."
Our proposals provide some basic principles. Among these are basic issues, such as competition announcement, conflicts of interest. We also have a proposal to elaborate on the principles of the judges of the judiciary to be developed according to specializations. We also suggested that a consultative group be created so that people"s involvement in this process should be as high as possible, "Nazi Janezashvili said.
Three draft laws prepared by MPs will be discussed at the Legal Issues Committee of Parliament .
Yesterday, the Committee on Procedural Issues discussed three initiatives related to selection of the Supreme Court Judges in 8 hours. The ruling majority vetoed the bill of former teammates and European Georgia and voted for the option prepared by Irakli Kobakhidze"s group.