26 January 2020,   22:43
Another Victim of Russian Occupation - Irakli Kvaratskhelia was buried next to his mother in Senaki

One more victim of Russian occupation, 29-year-old Irakli Kvaratskhelia, , was buried next to his mother in Senaki. The young man was kidnapped by the occupational regime from the village Otobaia.
Afterwards, he was taken to the Nabakevi base where the Russian soldiers used electric shock. According to the preliminary forensic examination of the body, there are also injuries, which prove physical abuse.
The body was examined in Tbilisi. Specialists were investigating the injuries that were inflicted to the Georgian citizen on the Russian base. It was established that before the dead body was transferred to the Georgian side, Kvaratskhelia`s body underwent autopsy in Sokhumi, but what manipulations were conducted in occupied Abkhazia is unknown.
For several days the occupation regime insisted on the suicide version of Kvaratskhelia"s death. The EU ambassador also asks the Russian Federation to hand over all evidence of the deaths to the Georgian side. Karl Harzell has released a letter of condolence and has once again pointed out the necessity of objective investigation into Kvaratskhelia"s death case.