26 January 2020,   21:27
Russian-Georgian confrontation in Rugby - game watched live in Atotsi

The confrontation of Georgian rugby players with Russia, the game was watched live in Atotsi. Civil activists and rugby fans gathered in the village near the occupation line.
They watched Russian-Georgian confrontation on the specially installed monitors. To watch the game and they invited the whole village
"The main thing was that we were there to help them to see that we are on their side. This is what is done, everything is for the affiliation, they came just for us ... it"s important to show these people that we are on their side. Although I am in Atotsi for the first time, we have to show our position, our emotion that we are worried about this, "- said civil activist Jasa Khutsishvili.
Russian-Georgian game ended with victory of Georgian team 22: 6. At the end of the match, the award ceremony was held, the Georgian team received European rugby trophy.