25 June 2019,   21:00
"If you continue to hinder me I"ll remind you something" - Beselia opposes Matikashvili

A verbal confrontation at the Legal Committee Session of Parliament- Eka Beselia called on Davit Mathikashvili to be more serious and show his willpower.

At the sitting of the Legal Issues Committee, where the draft law developed by Irakli Kobakhidze and six MPs about the selection and of the candidates for the Supreme Court is being discussed, verbal confrontation between Eka Beselia and Davit Matikashvili took place.

According to Beselia, she has 10 questions with former teammates about their draft bill. Beselia says that the role of MPS in the process of selection of judges in Kobakhidze"s bill is decimated. According to Beselia, they do not even have a right to ask for biographical information about judges.

Deputy Speaker Davit Matakashvili interrupted  her. Matikashvili called on Eka Beselia to speak briefly.

Beselia asked the former teammate not to interrupt her.

"Now if you continue to hinder me I will remind you of something and get familiarized with the regulations procedures," Beselia told Matikashvili.