14 October 2019,   08:39
Georgian leadership is trying to pave the way at the international arena to the murderers of our country - Shalva Natelashvili

Leader of Labor Party speaks about cooperation of the Syrian Olympic Committee with Abkhazian Republic. According to Natelashvili, Syrian Olympic Committee plans to hold friendly matches on the day of the fall of Sokhumi.
The Labor Party imposes political responsibility for the issue on the Government of Georgia and accuses it of inactivity.
Natelashvili also refers to the president of the Georgian National Olympic Committee as ideologist of the breakdown of Georgia.
"Today we are aware that the Olympic Committee of the Syrian Arab Republic is starting to cooperate with the Abkhazians and the friendly matches on the day of the fall of Sokhumi are planned. Of course, the Georgian government is silent about this horror, though, no wonder , when the President of the National Olympic Committee of our country is Khabelov, the separatist and the ideologist of dissolution of Georgia, " Natelashvili says.
Shalva Natelashvili has already addressed the chairman of the International Olympic Committee to ban the sporting delegation of the Republic of Syria for taking part in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics due to the rough violations of the Olympic spirit.