17 August 2019,   18:03
" They want Ana Natsvlishvili to be in the Supreme Court without elections,"- Vano Zardiashvili

A confrontation between NGO representatives and Vano Zardiashvili - at the sitting of the Legal Committee, where the draft bill on the judicial reforms are being discussed, the third sector spoke about the clan ruling and stated that Vano Zardiashvili is "informal ruler."

According to the representatives of the NGOs, the clan, which operates in the judiciary is ruled bu Mikheil Chinchaladze and Vano Zardiashvili and the MP"s wife is involved in the process.

Vano Zardiashvili responded to this statement, saying that Oliko Shermadini, the lawyer spreads false information.

Vano Zardiashvili asked Oliko Shermadini, whether she had anything to say regarding the competence of his spouse. As he says, NGO representatives have never had any complaints about the candidates for judges.

According to Vano Zardiashvili, the third sector is trying to get Ana Natsvlishvili in the Supreme Court and their attacks are also caused by this.

" The whole GYLA worked with President Margvelashvili and never complained about it. Even now, they don"t want exams to be appointed and you know why ? To give the opportunity to Ana Natsvlishvili to be nominated," - Vano Zardiashvili said.