14 October 2019,   08:50
"The person for whom the congress will vote has been revealed and this will be Grigol Vashadze" - the political council session ended

The United National Movement"s congress will be held on March 24. The decision was made at the political council session of the party. Also, the members of the UNM agreed to vote for the candidacy of Grigol Vashadze for the position of the party"s chairman.
"The person for whom the congress will vote is Grigol Vashadze. Grigol has proved that he is supported by almost absolute majority of the opposition"s electorate. This shows that he is a new party leader, "said Roman Gotsiridze.
Grigol Vashadze commented after the end of the political council of the UNM. According to him, besides the procedural issues , the possibilities for participation in the interim elections were discussed.