17 June 2019,   17:45
"Zardiashvili is Zonder" - Open war between current and former dreamers and political show at the legal committee sitting

Noise at the Legal Committee Session - Political accusations
have been heard since morning in the Parliament. The current and former members of the "Georgian Dream" confronted each other while considering the legislative amendments to the bill on judges. Eka Beselia, Vano Zardiashvili and Mamuka Mdinaradze were in the epicenter of the events, who alongside with the political past also accused each other of corruption deals.
At the meeting, the situation was so tense that finally Vano Zardiashvili challenged Eka Beselia with a political choice saying that if the separatist MP left the parliamentary mandate, he would take the same step and refuse the MP status.War with compromising materials consisted of several series at the Legal Committee sitting today. After Vano Zardiashvili told Eka Beselia that her hands "smelled of money," Beselia accused Zardiashvili in nepotism and asked him to publicly say what position his wife held.
Vano Zardiashvili"s wife still heads the department at the High Council of Justice, which is responsible for assessing judges" activities
Vano Zardiashvili again attacked the NGOs. He was angry that the third sector accused him and his wife in dealing with the clans of the judges.The sitting of the Legal Committee was stopped today due to physical confrontation. Otar Kakhidze, a member of the European Georgia, and Irakli Beraia, a member of the majority, opposed each other. The reason was obscene words used by the member of the ruling party.