20 July 2019,   12:36
From Busines utopia to Investor"s graveyard - New Europe publishes an article on Georgia

How Georgia has transferred from business utopia to investor"s graveyard - International media speaks about elite corruption and facts of business harassment in Georgia. The article "New Europe" is based on the experience of the American development company - Iconia Capital LLC.

The headline of the article says that the country, which was presenting itself as business utopia. turned out into investors" cemetery.

Pressure from the former MP and various threats are mentioned in the article .
"Let our story be a warning for American investors, or any foreign investors for that matter, who are considering investment opportunities in Georgia. Until the government and courts can show that they are able to honour their international agreements and until they prove that the rule of law has been restored, it may be wise to take your business elsewhere,"- reads the article.