20 July 2019,   12:35
Investors should feel safe - European Commissioner for Trade Issues responds to accusations of Iconia Capital

EU Commissioner for Trade Issues Cecilia Malmström, responds to Iconia capital accusations.

It is about the statement of the American director of the company who blames the Georgian government in pressure.
Cecilia Malmström says she does not know the content of the article published in the New Europe but says that for all countries to attract investments it is necessary to have a good business environment. According to her, the investor should feel safe in Georgia.
"I have not read the article, but I can tell you that it is necessary for all countries to have a good business environment to attract investments. There is a good investment environment in Georgia, but in order to make investors feel safe, there is still a lot to be done. There must be a strongly independent judiciary, transparency, and fight against corruption. All demands of free trade agreement should be fulfilled. The work is going on and we are talking about these issues with our government, "said Cecilia Malmström.