25 June 2019,   20:57
"I and my business were threatened with destruction ... We"re not going to stop" - American businessman

Courier contacted American businessman Edward Char, who spoke in the New Europe article about problems that his company Iconia Capital faced in Georgia.
Eduard Chari says in an interview with Rustavi2 that he is not going to leave Georgia and is planning to fight till the end.
The American businessman blames the Georgian government for pressure and says that American senators and congressmen are informed about the issue.The American businessman says openly that he and his business are threatened.Edward Char speaks directly to the government of Georgia and speaks about the crime committed by state institutions.According to him, not just for business development but also for existence the environment in Georgia is not favorable .
"Georgia has violated the agreement that has been operating since 1994 between the United States and Georgia. It is about the gross deterioration of the favorable environment that should be created for investing here. I have very good contacts with the US government, Senators, Congressmen, including Congressman Gephardt, who is planning to take part in the next presidential election. The person who might be the next president of the United States is aware of this case. We are not going to stop and I think we should hope for his help. "I and my business were threatened by destruction and we were acting in full compliance with Georgian legislation. When the Georgian government proudly speaks that there is a favorable environment for business, this is not even funny. My main addressee is the government of Georgia who created this ugly system and not the Georgian people whom I love very much. Corruption approaches in the court should be changed, the approach of the government towards investors should be changed as well, "said Edward Char.
An article about the pressure on the business was published in the New Europe, where American Edward Char points to the problems created for his company.The article later appeared on the official Twitter page of Berlaymont which is an unofficial Twitter page for the European Commission, the European Parliament and other European structures and is being read by politicians in Brussels.