14 October 2019,   08:43
Bokeria to Tsulukiani: Tell me how do you assess the work of the Prosecutor"s Office as very bad or extremely badly?

Why the Russian officers were not included into Otkhozoria -Tatunashvili list and whether she liked the work of the Prosecutor"s Office - this is an incomplete list of questions which parliamentary opposition had with Tea Tsulukiani. Today Minister of Justice was delivering report in the Parliamentry format.
Giga Bokeria, a member of the "European Georgia", was interested in whether Tea Tsulukiani addressed the Chief Prosecutor, even to find out why the Russian officers were in Otkhozoria -Tatunashvili list .
"Madam Minister,are you following the issue of Otkhozoria -Tatunashvili list?:". Is it important for you? It is an important question,is not it? When did you last talk with the Chief Prosecutor or the High Representative of the Prosecutor"s Office about this subject? Do you know and you probably know that for one year none of the Russian Federation officers have been included in this list, no one has been charged and no investigation is going on. And among them there are three persons who have not been included in the list. Against this backdrop, you tell me how you assess the work of the Prosecutor"s Office, very bad, extremely bad or simply bad, "Giga Bokeria said.