14 October 2019,   08:34
"The EU supports Georgia"s territorial integrity" - Pedro Serrano

The Deputy Secretary General of the EU Foreign Policy Department, Pedro Serrano, visited Odzisi. He was interested in the process of borderization. The representatives of the EUMM informed him about the movement of the population along the transit and administrative lines.
According to Serano, the EU Monitoring Mission still supports Georgia"s territorial integrity.
"The EU Monitoring Mission has been in Georgia for many years now. The European Union supports Georgia"s territorial integrity. It is confirmed that we are supporting Georgia"s integration. I received information on transit, how to move along the administrative border, from the monitors who work on the spot. As well as the actors involved on both sides of the administrative block in this process, "said Pedro Serrano.
Eric Hogg, Head of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM) has made a statement regarding the visit of Pedro Serrano.
"We are happy that Mr. Serrano visited us. Mr. Serrano is a very high official with a mandate of the EU Foreign Ministry. He got acquainted with the terms of borderization that are taking place on the territory of Georgia and also various processes for which the EUMM is responsible for, "said Eric Hogg.