14 October 2019,   08:36
Irreplaceable minister of "Georgian Dream" in parliament - opposition demanded explanations from Tea Tsulukiani

The irreplaceable minister of "Georgian Dream" who blackmails even the prime ministers - the opposition assessed today Tea Tsulukiani.
The Minister of Justice arrived in the legislative body in the Minister"s hour format.
Political opponents demanded explanations from the Minister of Justice on two key issues - how can she maintain the position through ultimatums and why Georgia has not succeeded in the court disputes against Russia in relation to the 2008 war?
Tea Tsulukiani responded to the allegations virtually nothing. The Minister of Justice avoided talking about the reasons of ultimatum. In the Hague trial, she said that there are more than 700 evidence presented. The opposition advised Tsulukian to introduce these evidence to the president, who accused Georgia of starting the war yesterday.
Tea Tsulukiani does not quit open confrontation with the opposition. She was trying to prove to the lawmakers that his 7-year career was much more successful than answering questions.