14 October 2019,   08:51
If they do not investigate, we can think that the cyber attack was orchestrated by the government - Saladze talks about trolls

The orchestrated cyber attack or green light to attackers from the ruling party - the chairman of the Georgian Young Lawyers" Association says that both versions will be legitimate if the Ministry of Internal Affairs does not investigate the cyber attack on the TBC Bank server.
According to Sulkhan Saladze, the society still expects more detailed and accurate information from the Ministry. According to him, the Ministry of Internal Affairs should inform the public about the current investigation. According to Saladze, the case is so important that even one day delay may be damaging to the investigation.
GYLA chairperson says that if the case is not investigated, the government itself will be supporting the version that the ruling force directly or indirectly is involved in this attack.
Investigative actions took place in Rustaveli 12 - this information was recently confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs. Natia Mezvrishvili, Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, says that the agency is conducting a comprehensive investigation into the case but she does not know when exactly the investigation results will be ready .