25 June 2019,   20:59
People, who live on hatred of opponents, can not be in power - Giga Bokeria

"Tsulukiani is an image of Ivanishvili"s team, its heart" - says member of the parliamentary faction "European Georgia" Giga Bokeria.

Giga Bokeria criticized the Minister of Justice for her statements made during the governmental hour at the parliament.

According to Bokeria, the current government subsists on hatred of opponents, which is harmful to the country.

"People who have chosen to serve their country must defend the interests. But they even after seven years in the government subsist on hatred of opponents. After seven years of being in power, only it gives enthusiasm , They are happy with that. The answer is simple, because they have nothing else to be happy about. But this is very heavy picture for the country, "Giga Bokeria said.

According to the MP, the current situation in the country should be changed and according to him, it should be done through elections.