20 July 2019,   12:34
Interim Elections - Block of "European Georgia" and "Free Democrats" will pass first exam on May 19

"European Georgia" and "Free Democrats" unite . They say that their main value will be pro-western aspiration. The goal is a coalition government. They think that one party rule in Georgia should end.

"European Georgia" and "Free Democrats" will pass the first test on May 19, interim elections. The union has introduced Shalva Shavgulidze"s candidacy in Mtatsminda district.

"Free Democrats" and "European Georgia" plan to hold consultations with other pro-Western forces after elections.

The opposition will participate in the mid-term elections of May 19 with a new strategy. They will divide the districts and will not compete with each other.

Unite Opposition will not have its candidate for Mtatsminda. They will support Shalva Shavgulidze. European Georgia and Free Democratis will not participate in the elections of Zugdidi Mayor.