24 April 2019,   14:58
Noisy confrontation in Lentekhi - locals do not allow government officials to hold public hearings

The construction of a small power plant "Kheleldula 3" and the population protests - in the Lentekhi municipality locals did not allow the authorities to enter the scheduled meeting.

Public discussion is planned to be held together with the Ministry of Economy on HPP construction. However, the population met with a protest rally those representatives of the government, who came to the site and a confrontation took place. Police are mobilized at the moment.

Locals protest against the construction of HPP. According to the population, the company plans to arrange tunnels for the hydropower plant in the area where is a danger of mudflow, landslide, and other dangerous geological processes.

The Government officials, including Sozar Subari and Deputy Minister of Economy, Natia Turnava, moved to Mestia Culture House because of the protests of the population, but the locals do not plan to attend the meeting yet