26 January 2020,   22:31
In June 2012, Hillary Clinton was really ready to meet with Bidzina Ivanishvili during her visit to Georgia - Judicial Watch

During the visit to Georgia in June 2012, Hillary Clinton was really ready to meet with Bidzina Ivanishvili.
This issue was filed by Judicial Watch as a separate topic on its website.Activists of the non-profit US-based Judicial Watch have prepared twenty lawsuits against e-mails of the former Secretary of State and requested access to the e-mail within the framework of the Freedom of Information Act.
Clinton-Ivanishvili"s meeting in June 2012, if it really took place though there is no official confirmation, is of great importance. The matter is that Clinton Foundation employee and close Clinton adviser Sid Blumenthal stated that Georgia might have been a potential hot point if Saakashvili decided to deepen tensions with Russia. Blumenthal warned Clinton referring to Ivanishvili"s advisor, John Cornbloom, that Republicans would use this issue against Obama.This information was accompanied by Bidzina Ivanishvili"s letter in which he promised Clinton to sort out relations with Russia.
After the publication of Clinton"s e-mails in Georgia, the opposition says it became clear that Russia has been encouraging Ivanishvili"s coming to power.It is noteworthy that Democrats have already had similar experiences.
In August 2008, when America"s campaign also took place and John McCain and Barack Obama fought for the presidential seat, McCain gained a big advantage in terms of foreign policy in comparison with Obama in August.
Michael McFaul, the Obama administration"s ambassador to Russia, recalls how he made the first statement of the Russian invasion in Georgia, and how unclear was Obama"s first statement in which he did not blame Russia.
McFaul says that the August war was a narrative of the Republicans campaign that their candidate had a big advantage in foreign policy.