26 January 2020,   21:12
"I advise Kobakhidze to be a little careful" - Eka Beselia


I advise Kobakhidze to be more careful when it comes to such unreasonable phrases because he should remember the principle of boomerang," -Eka Beselia responded to the chairperson of the parliament, who had advised former teammate to hold rallies together with Gigi Ugulava and Shalva Shavgulidze.
Former chairperson of the Legal Issues Committee, reminded Kobakhidze of the past once again and pointed out that he was scared during the fight against the previous government.
Acute confrontation between Irakli Kobakhidze and Eka Beselia continues. Former teammates criticize each other from TV channels again.
" In the fight against Saakashvili"s regime when we stood on the front line of battle, Kobakhidze probably looked at all this from somewhere hidden., "Eka Beselia said.