26 January 2020,   22:39
ISIS has lost the last controlled area in Syria

Another failure of the Islamic State - the terrorists have lost their last controlled territory in Syria.
A four-year military operation to flush the Islamic State from its territory in Iraq and Syria ended on Saturday, as the last village held by the terrorist group was retaken, erasing a militant theocracy that once spanned two countries.

Cornered in Baghuz, Syria, the last 1.5-square-mile remnant of the group’s original caliphate in the region, the remaining militants waged a surprisingly fierce defense and kept the American-backed forces at bay for months.
They detonated car bombs and hurled explosives from drones. Suicide bombers ran across the front line under cover of darkness to attack the sleeping quarters of the American-backed coalition.

In the last weeks, the militants’ families fled for their lives, their black-clad wives streaming into the desert by the tens of thousands,
But after a grueling campaign, the last speck of land was finally wrested from the Islamic State, also known as ISIS.