17 August 2019,   18:00
Jens Stoltenberg starts his visit with the Prime Minister - NATO Secretary General has come to the Government Administration

NATO Secretary General"s official visit to Georgia has begun with a visit the government administration. The meeting of Jens Stoltenberg and Mamuka Bakhtadze is starting at this moment.
After the meeting Jens Stoltenberg and Mamuka Bakhtadze will make joint statements with the media.
This week can be considered as a NATO week, as the NATO Committee meeting will be held in Georgia and representatives of NATO member states will arrive.As for the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg will participate in the NATO-Georgia 2019 exercise.
Stoltenberg plans to meet the multinational brigade which is participating in the NATO-Georgia exercise.James Appathurai, who arrived in Tbilisi with Jens Stoltenberg in his interview with "Courier" Appathurai said that there is more NATO in Georgia today.