17 June 2019,   17:46
We will never allow Russia to block Georgia"s accession to NATO - Stoltenberg

"We will never allow Russia to use veto and block Georgia"s membership in NATO," Jens Stoltenberg said in an exclusive interview with Courier.
According to NATO Secretary General, Allies have clearly stated that Georgia will become a member of NATO and Russia can not block it.
Stoltenberg states that the Georgian government should now focus on reforms.
"It is crucial for NATO that all nations have the freedom of making their own decisions. Georgia is a sovereign state and no one can take decisions instead of it. All nations have the right to choose their own future. When we are ready, Georgia will become a member of NATO, it"s up to Nato and Georgia and not any other state," Stoltenberg said.
According to him, Georgia should implement reforms, including in the judiciary and defense sector; Georgia should meet NATO standards in order to become an alliance member.