20 August 2019,   01:43
Russia has punished Georgia for success - Mikheil Saakashvili spoke about the ruling of oligarchs in the post-Soviet space in Maastricht University

The state capture  in the post-Soviet space - the name of Mikheil Saakashvili"s lecture, which lasted for more than two hours at Maastricht University.
The third president of Georgia brought examples of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. He pointed out that the oligarchs are in power in the country.
" Pay attention to similarity of Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova. Russia is the main source of the wealth of all three oligarchs in these countries. Ivanishvili earned 100% of his money from Russia. The oligarchs mock the court system, the idea of the law. The Prosecutor"s Office has become a tool of political revenge. Criminal cases became a means of blackmail. We have informal power centers. No one is accountable.
"The oligarchs have everything and are very cynical towards their own people. Russia has punished Georgia for success. Putin and Medvedev had an explanation for their own population about how little the country has achieved. Now there is nothing to explain. Georgia has again returned to their norms of corruption, inefficiency and nothing else to envy.
"The disruption of this circle is only possible by the actions of the People"s Forces. First of all, young people have to return from emigration. My country knows what it means to be successful, has a mental revolution and this process is irreversible. So I"m optimistic. This is a matter of time, but if we lose two more years, we will face a dangerous situation. Obama said, if you do not like politicians, take responsibility and you yourself become a politician, and the opinion is absolutely right, "Mikheil Saakashvili said.
The third president of Georgia drew attention to the ways of changing the situation.