18 July 2019,   22:14
Clan rulership and interests of specific people in different financial sectors - Kapanadze speaks about reasons of the US Department of State assessment

According to one of the leaders of "European Georgia" Sergi Kapanadze, the government has "an attempt to break the mirror" when the non-governmental organizations are accused of mentioning Georgia in undesirable contexts in the resolutions of the partners. Kapanadze says that it is not surprising what the US Department of State reports says.According to him, money laundering, drug trade, and the illegal money received from that were the problems that have recently become active in Georgia and are reflected in the report of the State Department.
In the report of the US Department of State Georgia is on the list of countries where money laundering takes place.Bank fraud and cybercrime are named as the main source of illicit income in Georgia.