23 August 2019,   19:02
The Venice Commission has not criticized only the title of the draft law, the rest is seriously criticized - Beselia

MPs that have left the "Georgian Dream" have responded to the Venice Commission"s findings on the draft law on selection of judges of the Supreme Court.
Eka Beselia said at the briefing that the report of the commission is acute and critical.According to the conclusion, the criticism does not apply only to the title of the draft law, the rest is critically evaluated.
According to Beselia, the Venice Commission criticized the criteria, voting process, existing model of conflict of interest.
"The conclusion and recommendations prepared by the Venice Commission have already been publicized, every person who says that the conclusion on the project prepared by the ruling party is positive, is lying or deceiving himself, the conclusion is public and everyone can see, it is the hardest, strictest and the most critical . What is not criticized is the title of the draft law, all the rest is criticized , "- said Beselia.