21 August 2019,   21:02
Handwritten scenario - Jishkariani does not rule out that his summoning to prosecutor"s office is linked to leaving "Georgian Dream"

Jaba Jishkariani, who left the "Georgian Dream" with demarche was summoned to the main investigative office.
According to the official version, the Prosecutor"s Office demands to specify the content of the statement from the Sakrebulo deputy made a few days ago on Vazagashvili"s case.
Jaba Jishkariani named one of the law enforcers Gigi Dalakishvili who was involved in the murder case. However, according to the Sakrebulo MP, he was of no interest either for the previous government or the current government.
Jishkariani left the investigative agency several minutes ago and addressed the Prosecutor"s Office saying that he was not afraid of the agency. It is unclear for him why the Prosecutor"s Office got interested in Vazagashvili"s case , even though he has been talking about Dalakishvili for 12 years. Jaba Jishkariani does not rule out that his summoning to the prosecutor"s office may be linked to his leaving the "Georgian Dream".
According to him, Gigi Dalakishvili has been promoted by the ruling team. According to Jishkariani, Dalakishvili was appointed as head of city police in 2013 by Chikaidze.