21 August 2019,   20:55
Venice Commission is our partner body, such attitude will bring heavy blow on reputation - Ana Dolidze

"It was anticipated that the parliamentary speaker would have a completely formalistic attitude towards such an authoritative international body," - says Anna Dolidze, the non-judge member of the High Council of Justice of Georgia regarding the report of the Venice Commission .

Non-judge members of the High Council of Justice say that all recommendations of the Venice Commission should be taken into consideration.

According to them, the question marks should not remain in regard to the selected candidates and the process of selection of judges in the Supreme Court must be transparent.

" The Chairman plans to envisage one or two recommendations out of up to ten fundamental changes , and of course it will not lead to a democratic process . It will lead to a very bad result and will be a heavy blow on reputation. The Venice Commission is serious, International, our partner body, i,"- says Anna Dolidze.

According to Nazi Janezashvili, the non-judge member of the Supreme Council of Justice, it is not enough to take into the consideration only one or two recommendations from the management team.