23 July 2019,   03:36
Critical Conclusion of OSCE and ODIHR- Opposition calls on "Dream" to take into consideration recommendations of International Institutions on appointment of judges

It is not yet known if a number of critical assessments of two other international institutions on the rules of appointment of judges will be included in the draft bill. The opposition reminds the majority that they are obliged to reflect the OSCE and ODIHR remarks in the bill. Otherwise it will be evident that the "Georgian Dream" promotes strengthening of clans in the judiciary.
"If you are interested in the country"s fate and it is important to make a proper change in the justice system, then the Georgian Dream should listen to these recommendations and conclusions. Otherwise , it will be evident that the only goal of the Georgian Dream is to maintain Murusidze-Chinchaladze"s clan and to fulfill this order of Bidzina Ivanishvili, " - said Tina Bokuchava, a member of UNM.
"European Georgia" says that the OSCE and ODIHR report is as critical as the Venice Commission"s conclusion. Otar Kakhidze calls on the majority to take into account the critical recommendations.
The majority leader promises that the recommendations will be taken into consideration after the detailed review. After the Venice Commission, the rules of appointing judges are criticized by the OSCE and ODIHR . International institutions directly indicate that accelerated procedures for appointment of judges cause concerns.